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Friday, April 26, 2013

Boston Silly

SI Rosenbaum was the editor at the Phoenix in Boston until its recent demise.  I’ve not read the Phoenix in years.  No one has, in print.  It’s all migrated to the Internet and thus words on paper struggle. 

In my youth, I marveled at the left wing tone while every fashionable shop or restaurant would advertise.  How did they expect the revolution to happen while they spent so much time at brunch?  That was back in the 70s.  Who knows what its orientation was as it breathed its last?

SI now blogs.  She has a site and as far as I can tell, there is one entry.  The gist is that everyone did the right thing there in Boston.  They all happily stayed indoors doing what people do in our culture.  Watch TV, surf the Internet, blog, play video games or, maybe even read a book.  Who knows?

Then when it was over all were happy.  Why would anyone think it was anything but voluntary?

To be fair, you should read her piece.  It is not the worst argument for the lockdown I’ve seen.  I disagree and posted a comment.

The video speaks for itself, my scared little bunnies. For the record, I live in Mass, but outside of the zone. I have relatives who do.
I don’t listen to sports radio, but this is food for thought.

There are other images of the searches and how they were not happy camping in home. I am glad to see how the Progressives of Eastern Mass have embraced Lindsay Graham’s definition of the homeland as the battlefield.
Ein reich, ein volk, ein Boston Strong.

The blogger did not let my comment through but posted:

Note to visitors: I reserve the right to delete any comments that trip Godwin’s Law, or contain any unironic use of “sheeple.”

Now to be fair, calling people scared little bunnies might be stretched to implying sheeple.  I think that term hackneyed and would not use it.

When people came out and yelled USA, USA, yeah, it kinda felt like people shouting ein reich etc.  No way was an jefe maximo being implied.  I think our lass was being glich francach caca laca.  It’s phrase in the westernmost Indo-European meaning cute as a shithouse rat.

The whole episode was embarrassing, from the lack of fire control that led to the wounding by his fellow cops of the T officer to the shots fired at the boat.  To feel it anything but a fiasco is buffoonery.

So is there a Neutralist connection here.  But of course.  The fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here meme is dead.

Thank you Lindsay and SI.

Saturday, April 20, 2013