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Friday, November 28, 2008

You Didn't Notice?

That's okay, some of the lads on patrol probably didn't either.

The War is over in Iraq. A site called Zombietime has declared it so. The fact that the troops are not coming home and being feted through the streets appears irrelevant to your man. That the army continues to need soldiers such that they are now taking Cat IVs also means nothing to the fellow. He cites stats that say the level of violence is way down.

Which means the troops will be coming home soon. Er, no. We are coming up with an agreement to prop up the Iraqi regime with our army for another three years.

So who am I to rain on the ChickenHawks* parade that they're not actually having. Well, I have a different conception of victory as I set out in America's greatest 20th century victory

Now, granted we might not all agree on what constitutes a win. In order to set the tone, let us define terms.

The Agamemnon School of Victory: This consists of completely destroying your enemy, grabbing a lot of plunder and a great looking slave babe. After that, you go home to be murdered by your wife and her toy boy. It is only the last part that I think needs work.

The American Century School: After victory or tie, hunker down, rebuild the place, never leave.

The Neutralist School: After the war, you can leave and forget about the place you left.

The ChickenHawk victory bloggers see it as a American Century victory where we leave troops, waste money and make sure oil profits flow.

The poor sap fighting the war who the war bloggers pretend to love but would never join may see it differently as well.

On a some of blogs I saw tip jars. The nerve! Hey lads, sign up and get the paltry bonus on offer to others not so fortunate.

If it were victory, we could leave.

*They may not all be ChickenHawks but a lot had little about me sketches telling how brilliant they are. Oddly, little about their service.

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