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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reason throws in the towel completely, goes chickenhawk.

In an article Julian Assange, WikiJournalist
Is the Wikileaks "editor-in-chief" a journalist or an activist? Or both?
cool guy libertarian and a Reason Senior Editor, Michael C. Moynihan, went after Julian Assange. You knew it would be a typical hit piece when you read the Assange description,"He looked like Edgar Winter as imagined by Jim Henson; an awkward, lanky Australian with translucent skin and wisps of white hair falling over his face." The rest was the same work. Mr. Moynihan is pretty vicious with his remarks.

It is in the comments that it really gets interesting. The baying for blood is long and loud except for some exceptions. Why, why, if we had this enthusiasm for the war instead of the keyboard, we would have won by now. Of course, online is where their fight is.

Oh, all you folks baying for Assange's blood. You will never see him tried. What he might be able to bring up in a fair trial fills the powers that be with terror.

Hat tip Justin Raimondo.

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