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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Taliban attack the supply lines-World surprised by the obvious tactic

The Taliban has no air force, no predator drones, but that does not mean they are stupid. One does have to ask why they have taken so long to gear up their strategy of attacking supply lines? No matter, it's here.

I know my countrymen are not a nation of geographers, but a simply looking at a map of Afghanistan should be a wake up call. First thing you notice, no seacoast. It is landlocked and borders many countries, none of which are our close allies, and most of whom our relations with are problematic.

So the Taliban in one of its incarnations are attacking the tanker trucks that supply our forces over the road from Pakistan. The question becomes, can they do it enough to make our effort unsustainable?

So it's happening now. Actually, it's happened before, and it is not just the Taliban that can apply pressure.

Hey maybe we can cobble together another supply line and keep the game going until victory, or whatever. Bet on whatever.

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