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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tough Guys on the Net-They're all on the hunt for Julian Assange!

What is it about the internet that it brings out the homicidal tendencies in people. It's not that they'll act on them. They are safe from that. It's just that they feel the need to threaten mayhem.

One web warrior who goes by the name of Alfie put up a post titled, Please please please Julian Assange;STFU

He starts off his offering with:

I am so sick of this fucking guy.

This Australian wannabe Swede rapist douchebag is nothing but a bitter and petty POS who wants to bask in the limelight of others risk full behaviors.Serving as the public face of WikiLeaks this douche tries to ply the waters of anti American feelings to bolster his otherwise meaningless life.

Of course, the crime he has been accused of is not near rape and, though hardly sterling behavior, is in no way a crime in the US, but why quibble. I'll just let you think about the sad fellow's language. Of course, if you are in a hurry because mom will be calling you down to supper, you just have to go with your gut.

The lad got upset with my use of the word "chickenhawk." He thinks it's overused. Only in the sense that say 1+1=2 is overused. Both are still valid.

We had a back and forth of which the most notable part was,"until he surfaces from whatever “I’m a big pussy” hiding spot he is in." Now think about it. He is calling someone a pussy who is risking life and limb. And what might Alfie be risking? "Mom, I'll hurry, please make the Chef Boyardee Ravioli tonight."

So Alfie had his two minute hate. He actually has a following. They were vile and ignorant. The the gold standard for such behavior goes to a fellow named Jonolan, his words are below.

Fuck trials and juries, Patrick – he’s a foreign enemy. Kill him and make sure the world all but knows in fact the we did it.
Hell! I’d be glad to kill him myself, might even make him watch me mutilate his son first, just to add to the fun.
It’d be sort of nice and heartwarming knowing that the last thing Assange knew before I finally finished him was that what was left of his offspring would suffer through the remaining years of his existence as a deformed and mutilated cripple, incapable of doing anything of value and being nothing but an object of disgust and pity.

How noble a sentiment. It turns out Jonolan has his own blog. His desire to harm not only Julian, was posted and removed. Amazingly, an apology was made. He felt bad? Maybe, but he admits, "Some will now say that I’m apologizing because they believe that they can do me harm. That’s actually sort of true." Certainly there would be more justice in the Oz fatwa being carried out than any harm coming to the Assange family, but let's dispense with such silly games.

Jonolan, as low as he sank, then outdid himself. He claimed to have at least in part, caused Assange to give himself up. He refers to Assange's mention of his low deed in an article in The Australian. Nowhere in the piece does Assange hint that he gave himself up because of Jonolan. Jonolan has no shame. He threatens from the anonymity of the internet and then takes credit for a man turning himself in charged for a non crime. Gee, Jono, I'm sure al Qaeda is now scared you'll come out of your room and get them.

Now the cite's owner weighs back in.

@jonolan. I followed your posts on the subject with some interest. The threads got a little crazy for sure. I think Assanges decision is actually a sound one. The previously and WIDELY reported charges of rape are misrepresented. The actual charges are lesser ones and the circus around them should actually lead to an Assange vindication of sorts.
I think referencing you shows his vanity,his narcissism. This is clear in context when you think about those that left WikiLeaks and why as well as the 2 women involved in the sex cases.
All in all you showed class with your follow ups and in a number of ways served a higher purpose. Congrats.
Now breaking is how a former colleague is starting a new site (OpenLeaks) and the fans of Julien have done him zero good with their petty panty raids on MC and Visa.
If nothing else I hope the whole thing cements Assanges image as a media whore as opposed to anything resembling a credible and worth

So, it goes from Swede rapist douchebag is now The previously and WIDELY reported charges of rape are misrepresented. The actual charges are lesser ones and the circus around them should actually lead to an Assange vindication of sorts. Now a gentleman would have noted his original remarks were intemperate. Not Alf. He does remark on Assange's vanity and narcissism in mentioning Jono. I guess he is referencing whatever version of the DSM is out there. Actually, he never gives a reason why it follows. Of course mentioning a desire at several removes to mutilate the son and then kill the man is the epitome of sanity. Thinking that Jono showed class in his follow ups is breathtaking in its goofiness.

Now, Alfie had a defender with whom I also had a back and forth with. Victoria set me straight that Alfie was not a chickenhawk but a veteran. I take her at her word that the whiny mommy's boy sounding lad actually learned the joys of low crawling. She also gave the Assange is the anti-Christ rhetoric. Her last communication to me is below:

The exposures which Assange has brought to light is a breach of security and serves no benefit to the US, it’s citizenry or any other country (and their citizenry). It solely feeds his own inflated sense of self-importance. Assange is far from perfect….he is a pedantic little piss-ant whose only claim to fame is being a tattle-tale. And more than likely, a rapist. But given your tone from previous posts, it matters not to you that the man is a possible sex offender, as long as he titilates the general public with information they should not have. It is terrifying that you can link the word “good” with Assange, yet I find a sense of peace in knowing that as of this morning, the POS is exactly where he belongs.

In my reply, I asked her questions about her assertions:

"The exposures which Assange has brought to light is a breach of security and serves no benefit to the US, it’s citizenry or any other country (and their citizenry).”

Name one bit of actual harm, other than no one will believe our liars anymore. Assertions without proof are not worth much.

“It solely feeds his own inflated sense of self-importance.”

How do you know this?

“Assange is far from perfect”

I certainly make no claims to perfection. Still, I am humbled to know that you have attained that state.

“And more than likely, a rapist.”

Please document the exact charges against him. By the way, they don’t come close to rape.
Good luck.

Okay, so one of them wasn't a question. I knew I was never going to hear from her again. The truth is, most of humanity holds views contrary to reason and evidence. Deep down, these folk know, but to admit that there stated views are ragtime would harm their fragile egos.

It is evidence of my own shallow nature that I took a perverse pleasure in the hands down stupidest ad hominem thrown at me.

You call yourself a neutralist, but you’re sounding an awful lot like a neuteredist. Oh the wounding I felt at the deft rhetorical flourish of commenter an800lbgorilla


an800lbgorilla said...

I wondered where you ran off to, and now I've found the rock you're under.

You can call my statement an attack, but in fact it was not. It was an observation that contrary to your claims of being an unbiased observer, your statements in fact imply a pacifist attitude. You're anti-war, and that is frankly not a neutral position.

Your statement: He hates Assange. Well he should hate the people who got us in two loser wars and can’t get us out. We are drowning in debt from them and the other foolish government actions. Not being against these wars is being for the death of your countrymen.

There have been no deaths due to Wikileaks. There have been many due to US Gov. action. The government is suffering embarrassment. Somehow, I’ m not too worried about the self esteem of the political class.

This is, in fact, factually inaccurate. Sources have been killed as a result of this leak- because you don't see it on the front page of the NYT doesn't mean it didn't happen.

And to think there was no harm from the leaks is naive at best. Case in point: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/Special/2010/12/02/WikiLeaks-benefiting-AQAP/UPI-95561291307996/

These were the characters responsible for the Christmas Day bombing attempt and the recent package bombing attempt. If you think bolstering their recruitment efforts isn't harmful, well, I'd begin to question who's team you're playing for...

At Alfie's place, I asked you questions. You're response was telling- you answered with questions. If you're unwilling, or incapable, of engaging in dialogue, then just say as much so I, and others, don't waste time expecting a response- intelligent or otherwise.

an800lbgorilla said...

P.S., if you're gonna quote me, accurately source it so when folks go to see it in context, they'll see your propaganda for what it is...

an800lbgorilla said...

Are we deleting comments or just ignoring them?

YT said...

Jesus f**kin' christ. I'm curious as to why you're spendin' your precious time to entertain this fool. He reminds me of the f**kwads in my region who are anti-everyone 'cept similar f**kwads who look & think just like 'em.

Joseph Moroco said...

Your link to UPI is feeble. That aq might get a few more recruits in Yemen because of Wikileaks is speculation at best.

Joseph Moroco said...

As a Neutralist, I am not a pacifist. Unlike you, I'm not a big talker.

If another country attacks the my homeland, I want to whup them bad. I expect folks in other nations feel the same.