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Monday, October 08, 2012

World reaction to Turkey's retaliation does not pass the smell test

Pretend you're the president of a country embroiled in a civil war.  Let us also pretend that you are not completely insane.  In our what if scenario, let's also speculate that you have a neighbor to the north with a large and highly professional military.  Would you call up your troops on the border and say, "Okay lads, lob some mortar shells over the line and see if we can get those SOBs to retaliate.

So the western press is talking up how the Turks are righteously resisting those dirty Syrians.  The plot continues.  It continues....predictably.  One has to be naive beyond imagination not to suspect that this is contrived in the manner of, oh, maybe you want to look at the last post, "Since 5:45 a. m. we have been returning the fire..."

The fix is in, maybe.  Maybe Russia and China and Iran and Shiite Lebanon can hold things together for awhile.  If Saudi money and influence proves decisive, their will be a lot of dead Alawites and Christians and some Druze as well as a Kurd or two.

Then again, as a Neutralist, I don't see it as our problem.

For a more polished view of the situation, Eric is the man to read.

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