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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

American Foreign Policy Reductio Ad Absurdam Report - Just how ridiculous does Syria have to get before we are embarrassed

As the song goes, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.  the Neutralist thought the Libyan adventure mindless, but maybe the goody two shoes had a really truly spiffy reason that the Neutralist did not understand.  The results since make it plain that it was just goofy.

That does not mean that there is a NWO or petro theft reason.  Maybe there is a method to someone's madness, but we have no sources.  Of course we never leave out the possibility of mere stupidity.

Now our president has, out of compassion, plighted our troth with the Syrian rebels.  After all, if you google chemical weapon use in Syria, Assad is trying to gas his whole country.  There is some dissent, but the chorus is deafening.  The Neutralist loves to be the skunk at the lawn party.  Why would the regime use chemical weapons when they know the neocons are itching for an excuse?

So the American people will get nothing out of a Syrian intervention, but maybe there is a strata of society that does.  I have no idea, but the thought is hard to escape.

So we are told that Assad & Co. are the bad guys, but to date, I don't think one of his troops has had a taste for human flesh.  A rebel leader eats the heart of a regime soldier.  These are supposedly the good guys.

So now news has come out that the rebels have, in a video, beheaded a Syrian Catholic Priest named Francois Murad.  Keep in mind that according to the administration it is the Syrian government that has crossed the line.

For the most part, there has been a news blackout in the so-called quality press.  Googling "New York times" and "Father Francois Murad" turns up nothing.  So what's up.

Truther, Birther, Infowars, that stuff is not our style.  Still, the paranoid get some credibility when it seems all the team from the networks and big papers are on the team.

So, just who stands to benefit from our intervention?

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