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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Call him crazy, and you would be wrong. Kim Jong Un was saner than Obama. Is he saner than trump?

Kim Jong Un gets it.  He knows that if he gave up his nukes he would be soon meeting with Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.  So during the Trump-Abe love fest, he sets off one of his one of his supposedly more advanced firecrackers and puts the two Mar-a-Lago dinner companions in a tizzy. They had to come up with a joint statement by the lights of their cell phones.

The Japanese head of government said, "naughty, naughty" and our man said "we love Japan."  Okay, that's not what they said, but the actual verbiage is not much different in substance.  It never really is.

We really have not solved the North Korea problem and what we are doing is not the answer.

Consortium News has a better idea.  Maybe we should try negotiating with the lad instead of more sanctions.  They haven't worked too many places.

Or maybe, we should just say au revoir?

Doug Bandow, Senior Cato Institute Fellow, has a blog column at Forbes and the title is, "As Korean Peninsula Gets Weirder And Less Stable U.S. Should Head For The Exits."

According to Mr. Bandow,
"But the threat is largely self-induced.  That is, Washington could easily deflate the fantastic nightmare of a North Korean nuclear attack on America by leaving the Korean Peninsula."
Bandow further states

Which leaves the debate over U.S. policy in full swing in Washington. Doing nothing is not a good option. The North would just continue to develop missiles and nukes. It already may have enough material for about 20 weapons. Some estimates have Pyongyang possessing 50 or even 100 weapons within a few years. Sticking around Northeast Asia while passively watching events would be foolish at best, dangerous at worst.

So, saying au revoir is the best option.  That is, of course, the Neutralist's default option.

You are saying what about our ally to the south.

We have done well by South Korea.  They are a smart and talented nation and have gotten to flood us with their phones and cars, but maybe they should face the future by themselves.

Kim Jong Un is a lot less crazy than the country that does not know when to leave.

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