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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Bill Maher and the cult of the veteran

Bill Maher had Milo Yiannopoulos on his show just before the lad's melt down.  Milo was performing his schtick as was the host.  Neither had the wit to realize they are getting old. Supposedly Milo's fifteen are done.  We shall see if he can do a reinvention.

There were a few other guests.  Former Republican congressman Jack Kingston was civil and inoffensive and appeared mildly amused.

Not very funny comic Larry Wilmore took offense at Milo being a jerk and truly showed why he no longer has a show.

The other panelist was Malcolm Nance. When Milo disparaged the other members of the panel and Nance, Maher gestured to Mr. Nance and said:

"This guy has done things that allowed you to #$%^%&! live."

This is ridiculous.  On his Wiki page, the man seems to have had a distinguisged career in intel and intel related functions.  The Neutralist likes that he came out emphatically against waterboarding.

But, to say he allowed Yiannopulos to "#$%^%&! live" or even to merely live is ridiculous.  Yet the trope that what is being done by a member of the intel community allows us to keep breathing insults one's intelligence and says little for Mr. Maher's.

This is not to say that Mr. Nance is not a true intel professional.  From that wiki page, we should assume he is.  Like most of his colleagues, his work is not keeping us safe, rather the opposite.

As we chase our tales in the Mid-East and foster trouble in  Eastern Europe we make ourselves poorer and hasten the day of our ruin.

Grow up Bill.  Of course, that will never happen.

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