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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Wound Continues to Bleed

The news from Afghanistan has not been encouraging. On December 7th we posted about the destruction of convoy supplies in Peshawar.

Unfortunately, the news gets worse. In a post over at Defense and the National Interest titled Your taxpayer dollars at work We find something even more disconcerting,

The West is indirectly funding the insurgency in Afghanistan thanks to a system of payoffs to Taleban commanders who charge protection money to allow convoys of military supplies to reach Nato bases in the south of the country.

D-N-I got this story from TIMESONLINE

Antiwar Newswire reports of 10,000 Pakistanis protesting over the supply routes and wanting them stopped.

Of course their is an alternative route through Russian territory. That's certainly safe as we continue to bug the Russkies.

If there is any reader who has an intelligent rationale for why it is in our interest to stay in Afghanistan, we would be grateful to hear it.

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