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Sunday, December 07, 2008

You heard it here first!

Well, maybe you heard it here second. Maybe you never heard it here at all. Actually, as this is a blog, you couldn't hear it here at all, you could only read it.

Let us not waste time. Well, anymore time. On Sepember 5, 2008 we opined that things were heating up in the Southern supply routes to our Afghan theater. A Northern route through Russian territory was available, but we were bugging the Russkies making that a not too secure route.

Well, in a Sunday NYT article we note that

More than 100 trucks loaded with supplies for American forces in Afghanistan were destroyed Sunday by militants in Peshawar, the city that serves as an important transit point for the Afghan war effort.

The next paragraph might make us think this may not be a one off, as the Brits say,

It was the third major attack by Taliban militants on NATO supplies in Pakistan in less than a month, and served to expose the vulnerability of the route from the port of Karachi through Peshawar and over the border into Afghanistan. The United States relies on the route for an overwhelming proportion of its supplies for the war in Afghanistan.

A Col. Greg Julian, a spokesman for United States forces in Kabul noted,

The damaged trucks were loaded with American war materiel, including Humvees, destined for the Afghan National Army

Colonel Julian said the loss of equipment would have a minimum impact on the overall war effort.

“It’s a very insignificant loss in terms of everything transported into Afghanistan.”

In reading how easily the culprits were able to operate we wonder if Colonel Julian is part of the Army's whistling past the graveyard command?

There is a lot to think about here as it is happening as the Pak forces might become more distracted toward the east after the events in Mumbai. It just gets harder for us to play twister.

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