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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Al Fin on War III

Al Fin gives it another try, joyfully expounding on the fact that the Russians have equipment problems. He ignored that fact that they have captured oodles of Western stuff that they can now use to make improvements.

It is sad to see someone behave such a small way that he has to stoop to twisting other 's comments. When he has lost the debate he shuts it down. I present it here for you to judge. I take no joy in observing his descent into loserdom.

14 August 2008

Russia Loses Planes to Own Missile Systems

The basic ineptness of the Russian military is further exposed by its inability to protect its planes against missile systems designed in Russia. This is not surprising, since the Russian military sits atop an inept science and technology infrastructure. When the Ukraine joins NATO, Russia will begin feeling the pinch.
The Russians have admitted to losing four aircraft (three Su-25 ground attack bombers and a Tu-22 bomber flying a reconnaissance mission.) Most, or all, appear to have been brought down by the SA-11 BukM1 surface-to-air missile systems...Georgia claims to have downed ten Russian aircraft as of August 11th, and the true air losses won't be known until photos appear of all the aircraft wreckage. It is interesting that Russia was unable to come up with effective countermeasures against missile systems they had designed. _strategypage_via_Instapundit
Russia is losing half its population every 40 years, due to high death rates and low birth rates. Meanwhile, Russia's Muslim population is exploding rapidly, as are the Muslim populations of Russia's central Asian neighbors. And don't forget China, who desperately needs Siberian mineral assets.

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posted by al fin at 5:40 AM

Joseph Moroco said...

Yay, we won. Russia lost some planes.

Friendly fire would never happen to us. Just ask the Tillman family.
Thu Aug 14, 12:45:00 PM HST
CarlBrannen said...

The loss in population is long preceded by a severe reduction in the number of military age cannon fodder.
Thu Aug 14, 02:22:00 PM HST
al fin said...

Right, Carl. Russian women are unwilling to bear children for the motherland, and Russian men are unwilling to fight for it. Hence the ragtag conscript army.

The force in Georgia is the best trained and equipped tiny fraction of the Russian forces. And most of their planes are probably crashing due to lack of maintenance, rather than Georgian missiles.
Thu Aug 14, 03:35:00 PM HST

Joseph Moroco said...

As to Russian equipment, yeah maybe it ain't so good, but they have sure captured a lot of our spiffy stuff to copy in the last few days.

As to population. There are a lot of Americans who are not pulling there weight here. I'm not one of them. I have three kids.

So how many offspring have t
he baby making machines, Al and Carl?
Thu Aug 14, 04:21:00 PM HST
al fin said...

I sometimes wonder why people who call themselves "anti-war" go to such lengths to defend the vicious war-making of tyrants. Curious, that.

I have disowned all but three of my children. They show an alarming intellectual precocity, and an unfortunate tendency to hunt down drunken blog commenters and play elaborate practical jokes on them.
Fri Aug 15, 04:33:00 AM HST

Joseph Moroco said...

I defend no tyrant. I like neither Putin nor Bush nor that Sash whatever his name is.

Noting the lose of the equipment or that our country was made to look foolish is hardly praise for Vlad. The man had a good inning, so noted.

What is silly is your triumphalism in the face of disaster. You may not agree with my belief in Neutralism, but logic demands that you say, we screwed up, let's think about what needs to change.

As a neutralist, I support the foreign policy of the founders. If someone attacks us, I want to whup them. In that sense, to call moi anti war is an error. I think that makes more sense than wanting to whup someone who hasn't attacked us. Got it?
Fri Aug 15, 05:04:00 AM HST

al fin said...

Ah, but the only triumphalism being exhibited here is your rather inebriated joy over Russian victories over the tiniest of its neighbors.

The ongoing catastrophe that is Russia needs no cheering on from the likes of yourself.
Fri Aug 15, 08:13:00 AM HST

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