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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Al Fin on War V

Al can't stop. Russia Takes the Path of Violence is a post that infers that Russia has gone off the deep end.

Hey, maybe they have. Maybe, they have decided to emulate a country that invaded another country for no reason. Or maybe Russia had a reason. We could have a discussion on this, but Al is too afraid to allow comments.

Here he steps in it.

mighty Russia with its huge army, navy, and nuclear arsenal is so unhinged by fear that it is willing to undo the difficult diplomatic work of almost two decades?

No, Al, we promised Gorby that we would not run NATO, that worthless array of spongers, up to his borders. We lied and Putin is changing the equation.

His last paragraph is a keeper.

Think about it. Clint Eastwood always says, "a man's got to know his limitations." The same is true for a nation. Already on a one way superhighway to oblivion, Russia is in the process of destroying its bridges behind it.

That goes for any country, Al.


Independent Accountant said...

Our policy with respect to Russia has been crazy for years. We put "allies" on Russia's borders and don't expect they will react? Are Bush, Rice and Gates insane? We are being repaid in kind for our 1999 actions in Serbia. It may sound strange coming from an American, but I think Czar Vlad the Great is mostly in the right, no matter what most Americans think. Long live the Czar!

Joseph Moroco said...

Can we get him to run for pres. here. He would be a better candidate than either tweedledum or tweedledee.