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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm no longer doubting you, Thomas

Okay, I haven't been paying perfect attention to Thomas Sowell on our various adventures. I had the impression your man was neoconnish. So, over at NRO online of all places he causes me to overdose on his sane writing. what is he trying to do, cause me to need a pacemaker?

99% was great. I take issue with

Apparently Barack Obama doesn’t yet know it, judging by his initial response to news of the Russian invasion of Georgia, which was to call on “both sides” to cease fire and then go to the U.N.

Later he changed his position to correspond to John McCain’s more grown-up position that Russians have to pay a price if we expect them to change their behavior.

The words "John McCain's more grown up position" do not work.


Some people seem to think that, if we had already included Georgia in NATO, Russia would not have attacked. But what if they attacked anyway? Would we have done any more than we are doing now?

Would that have protected Georgia or would our inaction have just brought the reliability of our protection of other NATO countries into question?

His last words nail for him the coveted Neutralist Article of the Week award,

If anything, we ought to be thinking about pulling out of NATO ourselves. European countries already have the wealth to produce their own military defense. If they do not have the will, that is their problem. What American officials can do is keep their mouths shut if they don’t intend to back up their words.

Congratulations, Thomas. We know you have had other encomia in your career, but we award you anyway.


Independent Accountant said...

I have been in favor of dissolving NATO for years. The UN too!

Joseph Moroco said...

We'll make a Neutralist out of you yet.